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There are many worthy causes that deserve our support. Perhaps nothing harms our society more, however, than child abuse.  Wheels of Justice and Wings of Justice are committed to doing something about this.

Who we are.

Wheels of Justice is a cycling club and Wings of Justice is a running club, both dedicated to putting an end to child abuse. It doesn’t matter where you live or how you ride or run—all types of riders (roadies, mountain bikers, triathletes, commuters, randonneurs, casual riders, etc.) and runners (road, trail, etc.) from all locations are welcome and wanted.  Being on the team does not require any kind of commitment.  You can show support for the cause simply by joining the team and reppin’ our colors.

We make a difference by raising awareness of this pernicious yet preventable societal plague and by raising money for and otherwise supporting reputable nonprofits that share our mission, including the following four outstanding organizations, which together, attack every aspect of this problem: Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Friends of the Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center, “and Justice for all,” and the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

5 Canyons Logo

Our major event each year is our 5 Canyons Bike Challenge, Mountain Bike Challenge & Ultramarathon.  Held on the second odd-numbered Saturday in September, the 5 Canyons Bike Challenge and Ultramarathon are incredibly challenging events with thousands of vertical feet of climbing.  If you think you have what it takes, click here for more information and to register!

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Join the team!

To join the team and claim your free t-shirt:

(1) Join Wheels of Justice or Wings of Justice on Strava.
(2) Register Wheels of Justice (this also covers Wings of Justice) as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile (eBay would also be great, but not required) and do all your shopping on AmazonSmile instead of the regular Amazon website/app. (It doesn’t cost any more and works the same as the regular website.)
(3) Confirm completion of the above by sending an email with your name, city, and state/country to gregh@teamwheelsofjustice.org.

Shirts are available for pickup at UtahBikingLaw.com (Hoole & King, 4276 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City) or the 5 Canyons Festival in September. We can also ship it to you in exchange for a $5 donation to help cover shipping costs.

You can also support the fight by making cash or in-kind donations and by reppin’ our colors! You can purchase our sweet, custom-made kit from DNA Cycling.  All proceeds go to help the kids. Just wearing the kit helps make a difference by raising awareness of the fight.

The Why

With all the many good causes demanding our help, it is appropriate to ask, “Why child abuse?”

Child abuse is perhaps more prevalent and more devastating than any disease or societal ill confronting our country.  It is hard to believe, but more than one in ten children in Utah will be sexually abused before they turn 18—one in ten!  This is to say nothing of the other pernicious forms of child abuse.  Studies show that these adverse childhood experiences have profound and lasting consequences for the child and, therefore, our society as a whole.  These include social, emotional, and cognitive impairment, adoption of high-risk behaviors, mental illness, disease, and disability, all culminating in early death.  This combination makes child abuse the leading determinant of health and psychosocial well-being, as well as individual and societal economic well-being.  The estimated average lifetime cost per victim of nonfatal child abuse is $210,012 in 2010 dollars, including $32,648 in childhood health care costs, $10,530 in adult medical costs, $144,360 in productivity losses, $7,728 in child welfare costs, $6,747 in criminal justice costs, and $7,999 in special education costs.

Child abuse also has a direct link to the all-too-frequent mass shootings we are seeing these days.  A study funded by the National Institute of Justice built a database dating back to 1966 of every mass shooter who shot and killed four or more people in a public place, and every shooting incident at schools, workplaces, and places of worship since 1999. Data reveal four commonalities among the perpetrators of nearly all the mass shootings studied. First among them: the vast majority of mass shooters in the study experienced early child abuse and exposure to violence at a young age.

The good news is that we can do something about this.  The four organizations we support are each very effective at addressing different aspects of child abuse.  With your support, they can continue their critical missions, protect and heal our children, and make the world a little better place for all of us.


Community Partners:

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Wheels of Justice is a nonprofit corporation, certified under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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