5 Canyons Bike Challenge Event Details

What’s in it for me?

– Fully stocked aid stations
– Lunch
– Event drawstring backpack
– Specialized water bottle
– Event t-shirt
– Finisher’s medal
– 10% off Caputo’s famous pasta dinner at packet pickup
– Discounted lodging
– Serious bragging rights
– Good karma!

Riders may also purchase the coveted 5 Canyons jersey, custom-made in Italy, and other merchandise.  Merchandise will be available at packet pickup.

The Course

You can check out a map of the 5 Canyons ride here and a map of the Straight Shot here.  Riders doing fewer than all five canyons can simply follow the 5 Canyons map and ignore those canyons they wish to skip.  Mileage depends on how many canyons and which canyons you choose to climb.

You can check out the mileage of each canyon on the free MyCols app, which also sets out the elevation, grade, and climb category for each climb.  (5 Canyons is proud to be a part of the MyCols jersey challenge!  See below.*)

Turn-by-turn directions are provided at the bottom of this page.

You can also check out a 3D animation of the ride on Relive.

The starting line is just to the west of the Walgreens Pharmacy located at 2090 E 9400 S in Sandy, Utah.  There is plenty of parking in the area.

The finish line will be at the Utah Capitol Building.  We will have chocolate milk, drinks, and various snacks for you.  There is plenty of parking available in and around the Capitol complex.

Aid Stations

You may fuel up at four fully stocked aid stations at the mouths of the last four canyons. Each aid station will be equipped with ice water, EFS drink mix (courtesy of First Endurance), Probars (courtesy of PROBAR), and a host of other snacks.  The Emigration aid station will also have turkey sandwiches around lunchtime.  Please access these aid stations only while going up the canyons to avoid your having to cross roads against traffic.

Very Limited Road Closures


Cutoff Times

No rider may start up City Creek Canyon after 5:30 PM and all riders must cross the finish line by 7:30 PM.  The law prohibits riding after dusk without a front white light and a red taillight.  We advise that you not ride at night under any circumstances.

Shuttle to Starting Line

An optional shuttle will take riders and their bicycles from the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek (75 S West Temple St–NOT the Marriott on State Street) to the starting line.  The shuttle leaves the hotel promptly at 6:00 AM Saturday morning.  YOU MUST RESERVE A SPOT ON THE SHUTTLE DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS TO USE THIS SERVICE.  This is a great option if you haven’t transportation to and from the event even if you are not from out of town.  You can park your car at one of the Capitol’s parking lots and ride your bike down the hill to the pickup point.  Then, when you cross the finish line, your car will be there waiting for you.

Packet Pickup & Carb-load

Packets with all your swag and event credentials will be available for pickup on Friday, September 16th at the Holladay Village Plaza (corner of Murray-Holladay Rd. and Holladay Blvd.) from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Great food from Caputo’s (one of Utah’s favorite Italian bistros) and merchandise will be available.

Plenty of parking is available on the streets adjacent to the Plaza, in Harmon’s parking lot across the street from the Plaza, in the parking terrace behind the Plaza, and in the Holladay Village shopping center parking lot (4695 Holladay Blvd.) and the Walgreens parking lot (4714 Holladay Blvd.), both just a block away.

*Here’s how to claim your virtual 5 Canyons jersey: (1) Download the MyCols app; (2) Connect to Garmin or Strava; (3) Join Wheels of Justice on Strava (if you already haven’t); (4) Ride the 5 Canyons Bike Challenge! When you have completed the 5 Canyons Bike Challenge, you will be awarded the jersey!


5 Canyons has developed a reputation for having the best volunteers out there.  If someone you know fits the bill, please ask them to register to help at our awesome partner’s website (PLAN7 Endurance Coaching), https://plan7coaching.com/5canyons-volunteer-signup.  Thanks!

Turn-by-turn Directions

The course will follow the route posted on Strava.  It ascends all five canyons as follows:

  1. Start in the Walgreen’s Pharmacy parking lot and climb up 9400 South as it turns into Little Cottonwood Canyon Road and up to the top of Alta.  Circle around the toll booth at the top of the canyon and descend the canyon. Continue to follow the road as it transitions into Wasatch Blvd. toward Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Before descending the hill to the light at the mouth of the canyon, turn right and then immediately left onto Prospector Drive.  (Watch for cars coming down the hill on Prospector.)  Turn left onto Mine Shaft Road and then right onto Big Cottonwood Canyon Road.
  2. Climb Big Cottonwood Canyon Road to the top.  Loop around the Brighton parking lot and head back down the canyon. Turn right onto Wasatch Blvd. and follow the road (which requires a right-hand turn at the first light to stay on Wasatch) to Millcreek Canyon Road.
  3. Climb Millcreek Canyon Road to the top.  Descend the canyon and then turn right onto Millcreek Road (the four-way stop at the bottom of the canyon).  Follow Millcreek Road until it intersects Wasatch Blvd. and then turn right to follow Wasatch (over the bike bridge spanning Parley’s Canyon, onto Foothill Blvd. for about 200 yards, right onto Thunderbird Drive for about 20 yards, and then left back onto Wasatch) to Emigration Canyon Road.
  4. Climb Emigration Canyon Road to the top (Little Mountain).  Descend the canyon and continue as the road transitions to Sunnyside Ave.  Take the first right onto Arapeen Drive into Research Park.  Take the first right onto Chipeta Way.  As Chipeta Way exits Research Park into Fort Douglas, take the first left onto Pollock Road.  Take the first right onto Fort Douglas Blvd.  As you exit Fort Douglas, turn right onto Medical Drive.  Take South Medical Drive all the way to the top and circle around the University of Utah Hospital complex (you will end up riding on a small road between the University Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute) onto Circle of Hope Drive.  Follow Circle of Hope Drive left as it transitions into North Campus Drive, then take the first right onto Federal Heights Drive.  Turn right onto Alta Street, which wraps you up and over to Virginia Street.  Take a right on Virginia Street and then a quick left onto 11th Ave.  Follow 11th Ave all the way to Bonneville Blvd.  Turn right onto Bonneville Blvd. and then right on City Creek Canyon Road.
  5. Climb City Creek Canyon to the top (Rotary Park).  Descend the canyon SLOWLY AND SAFELY!  As you exit the canyon, turn right onto Bonneville Blvd. Follow Bonneville Blvd. until it intersects East Capitol Blvd.  Turn left onto East Capitol Blvd. and descend down to the finish line and onto glory!
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