Top 5 things every cyclist should do if involved in an accident

There are five things every cyclist should do following an accident.  This will make it easier for you to avoid the distress of mounting bills and to help compensate you for your injuries:

1.  Seek medical treatment.  Don’t hesitate to have someone take you to the hospital or doctor’s office if you don’t feel right.  Continue to see medical health professionals as often as is necessary until you completely recover from your injuries.
2.  Document the accident.  If you are well enough to stay at the scene of the accident, document everything you can about the accident, including taking pictures (cell phones work great for this) and getting the names and contact information of all witnesses.  If a vehicle is involved, ask to see the driver’s proof of insurance and record all the information (taking a picture the driver’s license and insurance card works great).  If you were unable to take pictures following the accident, return to the scene of the accident as soon as possible to take pictures.  Be sure also to photograph your bicycle and any other property injured in the accident.  If the police are involved, they may do much of this, but you should confirm to make sure.
3.  Document your injuries. Take photographs to document your injuries as soon as possible after the accident and throughout the course of recovery.  Keep a copy of all medical records and bills.  It is also a very good idea to record how your injuries are affecting your daily life in a log of some sort.
4.  Get your bike checked out.  Before you ride again, be sure to have a qualified bike technician check out your bike and confirm it is safe to ride again.  Likewise, make sure your other equipment, especially your helmet, is in good repair.  If your helmet is cracked or otherwise damaged, you should replace it.
5.  Consult with a trusted legal advisor.  Once you are ready, consult with an attorney to determine what rights and remedies you have as a result of the accident.  A skilled attorney can help you obtain compensation for your injuries, reduce the stress of mounting medical bills, and help you deal with possible lost time from work.

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